AEP's Commercial and Industrial Standard Offer Program

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2014 Program Downloads

The Program Manual, SOP Agreements and Equipment Survey Forms are available for downloading from the following tables. Please note that these files are available for viewing as Microsoft Excel files, Microsoft Word files and as Adobe PDF documents, available for viewing and printing only with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Commercial Program Manual

The entire program manual is available to download by clicking the below link or each section of the program manual can be downloaded from the following table:

Section Click to download Includes
Section I,
Program Description
Sec1.pdf Eligibility requirements, incentive payments, and an overview of the participation process
Section II,
Enrollment Materials
Sec2.pdf Descriptions of enrollment materials and instructions for completing the applications and forms required for the program
Appendices & Commercial SOP M&V Guidelines Appendices Minimum standards for cooling equipment, motors, and lighting; guidelines for determining sample sizes; Commercial Standard Offer Program Measurement and Verification Guidelines for Retrofit and New Construction Projects

2014 Commercial SOP Agreements

SWEPCO CSOP Agreement Texas Central CSOP Agreement Texas North CSOP Agreement

2014 Commercial SOP Customer Forms

Customer Acknowledgement Project Sponsor and Customer Agreement

2014 Application Process

Application Process

Refrigeration, Food Service, Occupancy Sensors & Air Handle VFDs

Refrigeration, Foodservice, Occupancy Sensors & AHU VFDs survey form
Eligibility Requirements for Refrigeration and Food Service Equipment
Eligibility Requirements for Occupancy Sensors & Air Handler VFDs Equipment

HVAC Equipment Forms

ACE HVAC Calculator ver 4.05

Lighting Equipment Forms

Lighting Equipment Survey ver 9.02

Motor Equipment Form

Motor Equipment Survey

Window Film Equipment Form

Window Film Equipment Survey

Cool Roof Equipment Form (PLEASE NOTE: These files must be saved as ".XLS" to upload to EnerTrek)

Cool_Roof_TCC - XLS
Cool_Roof_Ft_Worth_TNC_SWEPCO - XLS

Other Measures Form

Other Measures Survey

EnerTrek User Guide For Project Sponsors

EnerTrek User Guide For Project Sponsors



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