Texas Central Company ENERGY STAR Homes Program
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Program Summary

What is an ENERGY STAR qualified home? .

An ENERGY STAR qualified home uses less energy than a home built to the Texas residential building code and provides homeowners with a better lifestyle for less money. ENERGY STAR qualified homes are tested by an independent third party to ensure they meet the specifications required to receive the ENERGY STAR label.


The energy savings earned by an ENERGY STAR qualified home are based on heating, cooling, and hot water, lighting and appliance energy use. Energy savings are typically achieved through a combination of:

  • Exterior construction upgrades;
  • High-performance windows;
  • Controlling the amount of air leaking out through the duct system or unsealed holes;
  • Controlling the amount of air entering the home from the outside;
  • Properly installed insulation;
  • High-efficiency heating and air conditioning systems;
  • High-efficiency water heating equipment;
  • ENERGY STAR qualified clean air systems;
  • High efficiency ENERGY STAR lighting fixtures; and
  • ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerators, clothes washers, and dish washers.
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ENERGY STAR qualified homes function more efficiently as a system, resulting in benefits for homeowners:

  • Money savings each month from lower monthly utility bills;
  • Increased buying power with more favorable financing options through an energy efficient mortgage;
  • Elevated return on investment with higher resale value; and
  • Greater comfort than homes built to the current residential code.
2012 ENERGY STAR Homes Program